New Futuba 9ZHP WC2 Radio

Full details will appear soon, as I will be reviewing this in connection with my Robbe Millenium 2.

But in the meantime, here is a little info to wet your appetite. So far, I think it's amazing, with more features than I have yet been able to think what to do with. I expected it to be harder to use with so much functionality, but the 9z has surprised me with the ease of use. Together these benefits of flexibility and ease of prgramming make it an excellent radio, well beyond the 10s I previously used, or the many 10x's I have set up on other peoples models.

Beyond the radio though, I had always felt (from listening to others) that the Futaba servo's and gyro's were the best - and my initial exposure to the new GY601, 9252, 9202 and 9350 have not disappointed.