, dedicated to radio control model helicopter flight

Some tasters from 3d Masters 2004 - Page 3 (Menu) page 1 page 2


Curtis and Anthony, Scott (JR), Szabo's (Thunder Tiger), Kazuya (Taya, TT), Duncan (XL)

Dave and Max (XL), John Parker (Century), Robert Mott (JR), Peter Novotny (MS), Mark Horwood (Hirobo Sceadu)

Other (Various, including Colin McGinn, Dave Wilshere and Jamie Cole, etc), Other Night Fly



One of the many spectators . . .



Did you see that - how did he do that, I can't beleive my eyes . . . .



GET OFF. . . I'll eat latter, right now I wanna watch the flying . . . .




More to follow soon.

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